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Our own collection is designed in house to add practicality and style to your garden. We ship healthy potted plants right to your doorstep. Each plant comes with simple care instructions, a money back guarantee, and direct access to our plant experts to answer questions. Our goal is to make the experience of being a plant parent as wonderful as plants themselves. Because we believe plants make people happy.


Quality Products

Join us for one of our open days and find a plant or quality product that suit for your garden and make your own fresh space.

Counseling on tree care

Check your plant out for yellow leaves, strange spots, brown tips and weak stems as these are signs of an unhealthy plant.

Supply seeds

We do not have only plants but also many seeds suit your style. Make your garden a place to sit back by adding a comfortable bench


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Happy Clients Spring brings plants to you


Products The best fruit varieties


Ratings High ratings from happy clients
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